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Mikey and DUMBO Broke Up?!

Whoa, did you hear about Mikey and DUMBO? They totally broke up, it was, like, so unexpected.

Mikey's Hookup DUMBO closed

I know, I know. We all thought they’d stay together forever. It seems sudden but I guess they have been on the outs for a while now. I mean, he’s been with Williamsburg forever now, and everyone knew it, but I guess DUMBO never figured it out. So I guess the driving back and forth and alibis and whatnot were too much and he couldn’t handle the stress of a double life anymore. You know what’s stone-cold though? He totally moved out all his stuff in the dead of night while she was asleep and when she woke up, there was nothing but this letter:

Why the Sudden Move?

I opened a Mikey’s Hook-up in DUMBO because after 7 years of running my store in Williamsburg, I wanted to build on what I had created there. The opportunity to design a new store, in a raw space, for a neighborhood that would benefit from what the Hook-Up offers was too good to pass up. The store was a great idea, and the DUMBO customers have been very supportive.

Recently I turned down an acquisition offer from a major corporate chain. That decision sparked a desire for me to reevaluate the reasons why I started selling cables on a blanket on Bedford Ave back in the day.

I realized that I would rather have one unique store than try to clone the original vibe of the Hook-Up. There is an underlying pressure as a business to constantly expand when things are going well but the question arises to what end? What is the measure of business success? For me, it is loving what I do for a living.

Mikey’s Hook-Up is moving back to Williamsburg because I decided sticking to my roots is better for my soul. If you miss us, we are only 15 minutes away Thanks again for a great couple of years!


It’s not you. It’s me. I hope we can still be friends.

[end letter]

So harsh, right? That whole thing about how he made them dress kind of the same, it was totally creepy to everyone. But then that part at the end where he was like, you can still visit, let’s be friends…total player. Anyway, we all knew all along that Mikey was in love with Williamsburg, that DUMBO was always going to be the other woman, and, yeah, everyone’s sad right now, but in the end, everyone’s going to be happier. You gotta follow your heart, man. DUMBO will be fine. And Mikey can finally really focus on Williamsburg the way she deserves. You should go see them–so happy together.

— mikey, November 22nd, 2010



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Hook-Up DUMBO is now closed. Thanks to all our loyal Dumbo customers! Please come visit us at our Williamsburg store!