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What Would You Buy for $9,900?

Making decisions is pretty tough, especially for audiophiles. Say you’re at The Stereo Exchange in Manhattan, and you happen upon a sweet, once-in-a-lifetime deal on some premium XLR cables:

Now, everyone loves carbon fiber and weird bulges. We really want these cables, even at the price. But we here at the Hookup are big advocates of deferring to the experts, so to help us decide whether or not these cables are a savvy purchase, we consulted with professional shopper Chris Jakubowski. Chris is best known as the former personal shopper of celeb Sarah Jessica Parker, and many consider him to have invented the phrase, “you GO, girl!”

“Like, OMG,” Chris exclaimed upon seeing the photo from our tipster, “those cables! That price! Yucky! Didn’t you know you can get 2 perfectly adequate XLR cables for just $13 each at Mikey’s Hookup?! And then you have so much extra money for really fabulous purchases!” We asked Jakubowski what some great purchases would be. We naturally first thought of a set of Dayton Rims and a couple more gold teeth in our grill, but Jakubowski suggested we troll eBay for some even sweeter deals. We found a few.

So, as it turns out, after buying a pair of XLR cables at Mikey’s, with the difference we could still afford all of the following:

1. A vintage Vespa, with sidecar, for $2500
2. An medieval armo(u)r suit, for $2241
3. A G3 iMac, for $155
4. A pretty “legit” “gangsta ice chain” for $44
5. A Hobart deli slicer, $1200
6. A hot/cold buffet serving range, for $650
7. An ice cream bar vending machine, for $1199
8. An iPod Nano custom engraved to read “Insane Clown Posse Juggalo 4 Lyfe”, $150
9. Night vision goggles, $580
10. A snowmobile, for $1100
And still have enough for a Peter Luger burger, with trimmings, $14.

Oh, snip! You had us from “deli slicer” (Jakubowski repeatedly informed us that “Jerry MacGuire” is his favorite film). So, clearly, the choice is yours. You can pay way too much elsewhere for cables of dubious benefit, or come to Mikey’s and save some money for the other things you love.

— mikey, July 12th, 2010



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